Services before, during and after giving birth

Hello! I am glad you found me. I am also sorry I did not translate my website in English yet. But I do want to let you know that I can offer my services in English. Below is a brief intro of me and my services, mainly of the Birth Doula Service. By scrolling through my Dutch website you will get some idea of me and my services. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact me through email: or use the Contact form (which is in Dutch, but quite straight forward). You can also read my Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions on the website.

I am Ellen, married for 22 years and I have 3 children, age 21, 19 and 16. Most of our married life we lived in China and we moved back to the Netherlands in 2020. In China I got involved in birth care, first with other foreign parents (mostly from the USA, but also from the UK, Singapore, Australia, African countries, Germany) and later also with local Chinese people. I have always seen this as a ‘full package’ and have a holistic approach; I loved to be involved during pregnancy, birth and the first weeks. I have been trained at Childbirth International and got certificates as Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and Lactation Counselor. My focus is on supporting a natural birth using what our body and mind can, based on a good understanding of the physical process of childbirth. And I am everytime again in awe of the miracle of new life, of how our bodies work and how we are wonderfully made. I love working with expecting and ‘new’ parents, so after coming back to the Netherlands I decided to set up my own business in birth care, offering services before, during and after giving birth as:

Birth Doula: support before and during birth

Pregnancy Course Teacher: pregnancy classes to be well prepared for giving birth and being parents of a newborn

Breastfeeding Counselor: Support with breastfeeding

Mama-coach: Talk through a difficult birth experience, or stress/fear related to birth/pregnancy/care for a newborn, family planning issues etc

Babywearing Consultant: Teach you how to wear your baby in a safe way using a wrap, sling or carrier. We practice first with a demo doll and you can also practice with your own baby. Several wraps and carriers are available to purchase, both new and used. 

Rental and Sale of Ardo products, including breast pumps. Also (starting) webshop with breastfeeding related articles, nursing bras, babywearing wraps etc.  



In China I started working with expecting couples with a prenatal training, explaining ins and outs of pregnancy and birth and preparing them for the birth by practicing exercises, positions (using a birth ball and other supplies) and relaxation exercises. Understanding the physical process is important for me. What happens in your body during the birth process is amazing and when you understand the influence of stress and stress-related hormones on one side and relaxation and positions and related hormones on the other side, you will be able to prepare a birth plan that focuses on how you see your child’s birth and what you are hoping for. Of course, we cannot give any guarantees, we can prepare, explain, practice and support. And you will be amazed how things can work out. And when things don’t go as you hope, there are still ways to experience your child’s birth as something special and fulfilling. As a birth doula I am supporting you in this process.

My Birth Doula Package:

  • Intro meeting: getting to know each other, sharing some hopes and ideas, mostly to figure out if we would be a good fit – this initial meeting is usually in my workspace in Ede, but could also be through Zoom or in your home (for extra travel expenses fee) and will be 30-45 minutes. It is possible to decide not to continue with me as your doula after this meeting. In that case you pay 20 euro (if you come to Ede or we talk through Zoom). If you continue with me as your doula this is included in the package.
  • 2 meetings before your due date, 1-1.5 hours each. This will have some teaching in it, but is not a full pregnancy course. If you are interested in a full course, there is some additional time needed and there will be an additional fee. The purpose of these two meetings is to get to know each other better, to discuss your birth process and ways you want to use to deal with pain and stress, to practice exercises and positions; there is room to discuss your hopes, your fears and answer your questions and discuss what your expectations are for my support during the birth. It’s basically to help you feel confident and ready for the birth.
  • Help with preparing your birth plan
  • Unlimited contact through email or chat
  • On call from week 37-42; whenever the birth starts and you want me to be there you can call and I’ll come as soon as possible and stay with you until after the birth.
  • Support during the birth process at home or in the hospital or clinic. My assistance will be directed by your needs. I really see this as team work: you (and your partner) will guide me and the medical caregivers on your journey.
  • Use of the Elle Tens and birth ball
  • Use of birthing pool at an additional fee for the disposable set (about 90 euro)
  • Birth report
  • 2 visits after the birth, usually one in the first week to reflect on the birth and see if you need any other support and one after 4-6 weeks to evaluatie my services and wrap up our contact.

Pricing: This complete doula package costs 895 euro. This is not including travel and parking expenses outside of Ede. If I need to travel more than 10 km the fee will be 25 cent per km. Parking fees will be the actual costs.

The Birth Doula Service can be extended with the following services:

Pregnancy course: standard 3 sessions of 2.5-3hours or custom-made course

Breastfeeding Counseling package: course during pregnancy plus 2-3 home visits after birth

Babywearing Consult: One instruction session during pregnancy or after the birth and another time to review.

Interested? Please email me at and I would love to talk with you!



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